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Functional Training Sessions

What is functional training? Functional training, as the name suggests, is designed to train our bodies to perform certain functions. For athletes this may mean concentrating on certain muscles that are crucial to their chosen sport or event. However, Functional Training is much more than that and is essential to each and everyone of us in order to prolong our ability to undertake our everyday chores. Functional Training trains us for movement. By focusing on muscle groups that we use and need for everyday living, we can reduce the risk of muscle spasm or pain when, say, picking a bag of groceries from the floor or climbing the stairs to bed at night. Walking, running, lifting, sitting, swimming, standing – all require the use of muscles and the longer we can keep these muscles in peak condition, the longer we will be able to perform these everyday tasks with ease.

Offering Intro, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training Classes using Six Modalities


TRX offers hundreds of exercise routines that require differing levels of endurance and strength.


Agility Training

Agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily.



Cardiovascular activity is a very important element in the AlbiFit program.


Strength Training

Strength training is a form of exercise using either free weights, equipment, or your own body weight to induce muscular contraction.


Circuit Training

Circuit training is one the formats which AlbiFit utilizes to help clients achieve their optimal fitness level and goals.


Core Training

The core includes the abdominals, back, pelvic floor, and glutes.


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Albert Virgile

Albert Virgile

Albert Virgile

Fitness Trainer

From Our Students

Albert is encouraging, talented, and dedicated to you becoming a healthier you. He is caring for both your health and spirit.

- Cynthia

One year ago I was screened at 216 lbs and found to be in the overweight category. After hearing I was “at risk”, I decided to hire Albert as my personal trainer. After just three months, I looked better, was more confident, and had energy to burn. I also felt inspired for more.

- Marc J

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