Personal Training

Training that is tailored to your capabilities yet designed to push you to even greater limits.

Personal Training Classes

We all have personal fitness goals, and most of us require an extra push of motivation to accomplish them. Group fitness classes are fun and can create an environment of personal competition. However, when your goals are more specific, a personal trainer is the best option! The sessions created by

AlbiFit Fitness are individualized to your specific needs.

If you’ve hit a plateau and want to shed that last 5 to 10 lbs., a personal trainer is for you.

If you want shave strokes off your golf game or increase your accuracy when shooting your three-pointer, then a personal trainer is for you.

If you want to finally lose that baby weight or just feel stronger, then a personal trainer is for you.

Each session includes:

  • Individualized Sessions
  • Weekly Weigh-ins
  • Fat Caliper Readings
  • Meal Plan Guidelines

Accountability is the name of the game and here at AlbiFit Fitness Studio, that is what you’ll get!

Offering Intro, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Training Classes using Six Modalities


TRX offers hundreds of exercise routines that require differing levels of endurance and strength.


Agility Training

Agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily.



Cardiovascular activity is a very important element in the AlbiFit program.


Strength Training

Strength training is a form of exercise using either free weights, equipment, or your own body weight to induce muscular contraction.


Circuit Training

Circuit training is one the formats which AlbiFit utilizes to help clients achieve their optimal fitness level and goals.


Core Training

The core includes the abdominals, back, pelvic floor, and glutes.


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Albert Virgile

Albert Virgile

Albert Virgile

Fitness Trainer

From Our Students

One year ago I was screened at 216 lbs and found to be in the overweight category. After hearing I was “at risk”, I decided to hire Albert as my personal trainer. After just three months, I looked better, was more confident, and had energy to burn. I also felt inspired for more.

- Marc J

Albert helped me lose 30 lb in 8 months. He pushed and challenged me each and every day. With each workout I realized my body was getting stronger and more in shape. Each workout is personalized for me to reach my goals. I was very impressed with his knowledge of weight training, cardio, and core strengthening. I went from “I can’t” to “I can” at the end of every session.

- Paule A

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